Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prominent Evangelical Throws Support to Romney

Mark DeMoss, a Souther Baptist and media powerhouse, has thrown his support to Mitt Romney.

DeMoss urges other christians to "look at the individual, not the theology" when deciding who to support for president.

DeMoss states that "it's more important for me that a candidate shares my values, than it is for him to share my theology."

DeMoss also believes that many evangelicals will have a change of heart when it comes to supporting a candidate for president who is a Mormon. From his conversations with others while he is out visiting other churches, he feels that many more have gotten over their initial hesitation to support a Mormon.

That is not to say that evangelicals will be more accepting of mormon theology, but simply that they realize, as DeMoss does, that "it's more important to pick a candidate with shared values than with shared theology."

I remember during the last days of the 2008 Romney campaign that opposition to Romney based on his mormon faith seemed to be declining.

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