Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Good Article On Romneycare by David French

I recently read a good article on Romneycare by David French from Evangelicals For Mitt Website.

Some of the points I particularly liked:

#1) Romney only enacted Romneycare after he had balanced the Massachusetts budget (unlike Obamacare).

#2) Romneycare was passed in a state where the average income per family was substantially higher than the most other U.S. states. Romneycare was also passed in a state that had relatively low uninsured rates compared to the rest of the country. So what Obamacare did was take a law that was enacted in one of the wealthiest states which also had a very low uninsured rate, and applied it to the whole country.

Obama's policy is completely opposite of the claims he made during the 2008 campaign that he would "take a scalpel to the economy, not a machete." Obama imposed a one-size-fits-all "machete" on the country, and it will be the poorer states with high numbers of uninsured who will pay the price.

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