Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parents and Students Happy With At least One Part of Obamacare

Parents are keeping their adult children on their insurance plans much more than expected. According to a new report, "some 600,000 young adults have already enrolled in their parents' or guardians' insurance plans thanks to the healthcare reform law, Kaiser Health News reports, outpacing the administration's expectations." HHS "had estimated that 1.2 million young adults would enroll in 2011, but new data from top insurers indicate that they're signing up faster than expected."

"In past years, a student's graduation could mean leaving behind not only the classroom but also health insurance coverage, since family plans often stopped covering dependent children once they left school." But, the healthcare law "has changed that: Adult children can now remain on their parents' plan until age 26, with few exceptions." Notably, "the law applies to adult children whether or not they live at home or are financially independent. Even married children can stay on their parents' health policy until age 26."

This is good news for Obama. Some aspects of Obamacare have been very sluggish to gain popularity among the population, such as the "High Risk Group insurance" that became available. But parents and youth seem eager to take advantage of Obamacare's new law of allowing their adult children to stay on their health insurance.

According to a recent Gallup Poll released Wednesday: "The percentage of young adults going without health insurance took a big drop." Data show that "24 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 26 who were polled between January and April said they lacked insurance." That represents a decrease "from 28 percent in 2010, 28.6 percent in 2009 and 27.2 percent in 2008, the poll said." Notably, advocates "of the health care law said it's due to a provision that allows families to keep their adult children on their policies."

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