Friday, May 20, 2011

Ouch! Obama's Got To Be Hurting On New Jobs Report

Wow. In a new jobs report analysis published by USA Today, one of America's most widely read newspapers, it states that "the rate of job recovery after the 2008 recession has been the "slowest since the Great Depression."

That makes Obama's handling of the economy one of the worst in modern American history. This is no overstatement. Recessions happen with some regularity, occurring every 7-9 years. The USA usually recovers all jobs lost in a typical recession within 13 months following the recession. It has already been over two years since the recovery began and still only a fraction of jobs lost have been regained. The USA Today analyses says that Obama has a far worse job creation record than any of the 12 recessions the USA has experienced since the Great Depression in the 1930's. As Romney often says, "it is painful to watch Obama learn on the job."

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