Monday, May 2, 2011

California Regulator Deems Anthem Rate Hike "Unreasonable."

The Los Angeles Times reported that the California Department of Managed Healthcare "for the first time has declared a health insurance rate increase 'unreasonable' but acknowledged that it can do nothing to stop the state's largest for-profit insurer from going ahead with it. As a result, rates for 120,000 customers of Anthem Blue Cross will begin rising an average of 16% on Sunday, infuriating policyholders and frustrating [state] officials." On Friday, the state agency "came under attack itself from consumer advocates for failing to win concessions, even as the department publicly scolded Anthem for going ahead with its plans."

MA healthcare actually allows state governments to deny rate increases proposed by insurers. This government regulation was not put in place by Romney.

"Unreasonable" rate increases are one the great travesties of America's healthcare system. Is the free market controlling costs here?

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