Premiums in MA

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Is the cost of health care premiums rising or falling in Massachusetts?

The cost of premiums has gone down dramatically for individuals who buy their own insurance without the help of an employer. According to, individuals who bought insurance on their own "saw a major drop in premiums, as much as a 40% decline, according to some figures." On average, premiums dropped between 18%-20% for the average individual buying health insurance on their own. Helping individuals obtain more affordable health insurance has been one of the great success stories of RomneyCare.

How about families and businesses? According to, "the evidence is conflicting: Massachusetts premiums rose faster for those groups than the national average, but the same data show that 19 other states had larger increases, including the nearby states of Vermont and New Hampshire." That means that almost half of the United States had premiums rise faster than Massachusetts. A health care economist at MIT, Jonathan Gruber, says that "statistically, there is no evidence that MA is particularly different than the other states in regard to premium cost increases."