Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time Waits for No Man/Presidential Candidate

At last it appears as though the GOP can wait no longer. Finally we have some announcements for Presidential Exploratory Committees. Today Michelle Bachman announced she will run. That adds to the long list of . . . Tim Pawlenty. That's right, only two candidates have announced candidacy at this point. All candidates are waiting until the last possible minute to get into the race.

With so little time, it will be difficult for the new candidates to set up a formidable fundraising network, or state networks in the early voting states. Romney has the clear edge at this point over the other candidates. He has worked tirelessly since he left the 2008 race to prepare for this time. All the other candidates are going to have a difficult time preparing for everything in the short amount of time left.

An NY Times article quotes a GOP insider as saying that "the first few months of any campaign are usually spent working out the kinks." It takes a lot of time to prepare for a debate, set up a state netork in the early voting states, and secure financial backers.

At this point, most candidates have time against them and already have an early handicap. It makes me wonder if most of them are just running for a VP slot.

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