Friday, March 18, 2011

Is This the Beginning?

I am disappointed in how many conservatives have flip-flopped on Romneycare. Our latest example is Jim DeMint, GOP Senator and Tea Party favorite of South Carolina.

Despite DeMint endorsing Romney in the 2008 election contest, DeMint now states that he won't back Romney unless Romney "repudiates his healthcare plan." Didn't DeMint know full well what Romneycare involved when he endorsed Romney in 2008? Never in 2008 was there such a call for Romney to repudiate his healthcare plan. In fact, DeMint stated back when he endorsed Romney that Romneycare had a lot of "good conservative ideas." Why the flip-flop DeMint?"

Unfortunately we will probably see a lot of flip-flopping by the leaders of the GOP on this issue.

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