Thursday, March 31, 2011

Is Anyone Else Annoyed by the Primary Calendar?

Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. These three states have had a monopoly on the presidential nominee for far too long. As you can tell, I am not sympathetic to these three states. Why should three states get to have the majority of influence when selecting a president? It is just not fair.

Now Iowa and South Carolina want to punish Florida for moving its presidential primary up to January. Of course Iowa and South Carolina are going to throw a fit and try to use all the "rules and regulations" they can to support their monopoly on power, but thankfully other states just aren't buying it. Iowa, NH, and SC are outnumbered on this one and many states will continue to disregard the rules until a fair system is established.

I think the only fair system is to have a rotation where each state gets a chance to be one of the first three.

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