Friday, July 1, 2011

The Money Race

The first quarter of fundraising for the GOP presidential candidates has officially ended. And now it is time for the great "reveal" where the candidates release their totals to the public. So far only three candidates have released the total amount of money raised by their campaigns, and it is fair to say that the totals are disappointing. None of these candidates reached their fundraising goals.

Tim Pawlenty - 4.2 million. His goal for the quarter was 5 million.

Jon Huntsman Jr. - 4.1 million. However, 2 million of that money was given by Huntsman himself.

Herman Cain - 2.46 million. Not a lot of money for a presidential candidate.

All of these numbers seem even less impressive when one considers that the Ames Straw Poll this August will cost the candidates about $2 million just to participate. So that leaves very little money left in the bank for other campaign expenses.

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