Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Are You A Flake"

An audacious question asked by Fox New Sunday host Chris Wallace, became the talk of the political town last Sunday. After citing numerous gaffes committed by Michele Bachman, Chris Wallace asked Bachman rather bluntly, "Are you a flake?" The question stunned Ms. Bachman, and she wasn't quick to forgive Chris Wallace the next day for asking the question.

However, there seems to be a bit of irony in the question because the very next day, on the same day Bachman announced her candidacy for the presidency, Bachman committed another gaffe that made news. Bachman mistakingly identified her hometown as the birthplace of John Wayne, the actor, but in fact, John Wayne was born in another city in Iowa over 120 miles away. The only John Wayne that made headlines in Ms. Bachman's hometown was a serial killer named John Wayne Gacy. The gaffe is especially funny due to Bachman comparing herself to John Wayne Gacy by saying she had the "same spirit" in her as John Wayne Gacy. Hilarious!

Then the next day, Bachman stated another dubious fact that the founding fathers fought to get rid of slavery, when many of them owned slaves. George Stephanopolous asked her to explain the assertion more fully and she went on to state how John Quincy Adams, even though he was just a boy, fought to rid the US of slavery. The only problem with that claim is that John Quincy Adams wasn't one of the founding fathers.

After these two gaffes, Chris Wallace must feel a bit of justification in asking such an audacious question.

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