Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Conservatives Don't Like Obamacare's Medicaid Mandates

As I have discussed in other places, many states dislike Obamacare because of the increased spending it requires on states Medicaid program. Here are some concrete examples:

Florida - officials report that during the last decade, the "cost of Medicaid in Florida has grown to $21 billion from $9 billion," making up one-third "of the state budget." In an effort to cut Medicaid costs, Florida launched a pilot program five years ago, and began to transfer some patients to HMOs. Now, Florida lawmakers are "poised to scrap the traditional model in which the state pays doctors for each service they perform. Instead, almost all of Florida's Medicaid recipients would be funneled into state-authorized, for-profit HMOs or networks run by hospitals or doctors." In addition, these "networks would...manage the long-term care of the elderly, shifting them away from nursing homes and leading to an expansion of in-home care."

South Carolina -  officials report that "South Carolina's soaring Medicaid program spending is siphoning money away from other state priorities such as school buses and needs to be kept in check, Senate President Pro Tem Glenn McConnell (R) said Tuesday." His "remarks came as the Senate opened debate on a $5.8 billion spending plan that includes more than $1 billion in spending on caring for the state's elderly, disabled and poor."

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