Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Team Romney Sees Cracks in the Armor of Perry

Perry entered the race just three days ago, and much has already emerged about this candidate. Already, cracks in the once formidable armor of Perry have surfaced.

For example, Perry recently created a stir by suggesting that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke would commit "treason" if Bernanke instituted a third round of quantitative easing to help boost the economy. That comment, though eyebrow raising, is forgivable. But his other statements, such as stating that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, or that medicare and social security should be abolished, are toxic unforgivable statements in any race. I think Perry's stances on Social Security and Medicare are going to be big trouble for him as the race continues.

Also, in Texas, 22% of children have no medical insurance. Compare that with less than 1% in Massachusetts.

In the beginning it seemed that any negatives of Rick Perry were hard to find, but what a difference three days makes.

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